The Risk of Long-Term Drug Use

Long term drug problems might lead to many health issues.  As a matter of fact, it might strain the person’s body.  When a person takes drugs for a long period of time then it might have a lasting impression on the emotional, as well as physical aspects of life.  Alcohol detox centre Ottawa have to say that the effects of drug abuse can be serious enough to ruin a person’s life.  Families have been devastated and careers have been destroyed because of extensive use of drugs. In fact, physical harm and death result from the drug abuse because of the reckless behavior of the person who is taking drug for a long period.

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Mental Function

A majority of the drugs has an effect on the brain since it interferes with the chemical messenger or neurotransmitters. The drug is capable of overflowing the brain with dopamine. This is a neurotransmitter that is related to emotion, pleasurable effects, and movement. The brain might get used to the increase in dopamine that is caused by drug abuse and it produces less of chemical.  The drug abuser will require greater amount of drug for bringing their feeling back to normal. Long-term drug use will change certain areas in the brain which have an impact on the judgment, behavior, memory, and also learning. Hence, the though processing and reasoning power of the drug abuser might become damaged.

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Personal Problems

Alcohol detox centre Ottawa state that a drug abuser generally neglects the responsibility of the obsession or fascination to take drugs. Performance at the school or job might suffer to a great extent.  Drug abuse might also cause some problems in the family, friends, and any other relationships.  There are some drug abusers who even endanger their children due to their negligence and they leave them home for several hours.

Hazardous Behavior

Neworld medical detox centre Ottawa mention that people who take drugs might lose control and will put themselves in some dangerous situations. As a matter of fact, they might take on some hazardous risk like having unprotected sex or driving under influence. The carelessness might cause them to get involved in a violent as an assailant or a victim.

Street Drug Dangers

Street drug can cause long, as well as short term problems.  The drug might give the user the feeling of energy.  However, it will also increase the heart rate and the blood pressure says Alcohol detox centre Ottawa. Moreover, it can also lead to shaking, blurred vision, sweating, and headaches. Paranoia and hallucination can be the cause of long term use.

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Digestive Effects

Drug use can also lead to an extensive range of digestive problems which include liver cirrhosis, acid-reflux, and inflammation of the pancreas and stomach. Liver damage is a common cause of drug abuse mentions Alcohol detox centre Ottawa. It might lead to painful gastric ulcers and also reduce the blood flow to the intestines because of the powerful blood vessel constriction.  You might also feel like vomiting just after taking the drug.

When a person uses drug, they start building up a tolerance and with time, the amount of substance that they take is pretty high.  Thus, when the person is unable to achieve this high, they start getting depressed. If the person feels remorse and shame then the person might go through chronic depression.