Greetings from the Executive Director

Marcus Summersfield took over as RAC’s Executive Director in September 2006. He has extensive corporate and not-for-profit experience. He developed two major international businesses one based in London, England and the other in Singapore. He has served as a Board member for two not for profit organizations and also as ED for three others.

I feel very privileged to have been appointed as the Executive Director for RAC and am approaching the challenge with enthusiasm and commitment. One of my first experiences was the AGM and Conference in Kelowna where I was able to meet many of the members and enjoy learning more and more about our Association.

The coming year promises to be one of change and development for RAC but none of this would have been possible without the incredible work done over the past three years by Fil Lander and the Board. I would like to personally acknowledge all that they did to bring RAC to the point where now it can work on becoming the true leader and voice for reflexology throughout Canada. I am very pleased that Fil will continue to work with us which will give me the benefit of his vast experience and knowledge about the Association. There are exciting plans for the coming months and, as I write this, we are already starting to see the results of one of our first initiatives - the Buddy Plan aimed at bringing in new members and persuading lapsed members to rejoin. March 2007 will see the first issue of our newly designed and renamed newsletter - The Canadian Journal of Reflexology - which will be published six times a year and be filled with news, articles and information specifically chosen to be of benefit to our members and readers.

TEAM RAC will work with Chapters to strengthen and develop them and there will be some exciting announcements during 2007 about that. PCT will remain a part of the Association but with a much larger program that will include continuing education courses with some being available online. I have started work on a strategic plan which will map our proposed course for the next 3-5 years and will set targets for achievement and revenue generation.

With all the new developments, RAC will continue to proceed with caution and with continued attention paid to finances as we move towards the ultimate goal of making RAC the recognized leader for reflexology in Canada.

TEAM RAC is not just the staff and the Board it is also you the members. Our objective is to make mebership of RAC a very positive experience and to create a level of member service that is second to none. If you have any comments, proposals or ideas then please contact me directly either by email at [email protected] or by phone on 204 477 4909.

I look forward to working with you all. Marcus