The Ollie Bailey Award</h1> Ollie Bailey served RAC with all her heart—Ollie truly had a passion for reflexology, she served as a director for RAC as well as for the International Council of Reflexology. She organized the ICR Vancouver convention in 1996 and started the BC chapter. At any moment Ollie would be happy to talk reflexology or show you the newest book she had read on reflexology, her enthusiasm for educating herself and others was so apparent. Ollie gave and gave of herself and yet with her accounting background she would have split a penny in two to save half a cent for RAC. Ollie's husband Joe was like her right hand, ready to serve wherever Ollie saw a need. Ollie passed on in 1997 and RAC created this award lest we forget someone so dedicated to reflexology.

It is the time of year to nominate candidates for the Ollie Bailey award. This award was established in honor of Ollie to recognize the outstanding contribution she made to RAC. Two successful candidates will be sponsored to attend a RAC Foot, Ear or Hand Reflexology Course. One candidate will be selected from eastern and western Canada, for a total of two awards. East—Ontario and east, West—includes Manitoba and west, the Northwest Territories and outside of Canada. If the student has taken the course in the 6 months previous to the award date, they may be reimbursed or they can receive a scholarship for a course within the next 12 months.

RAC certified members are asked to assist by submitting the name of one deserving candidate whom they believe would benefit from receiving this award. Please see information below on what criteria should be considered. With your application the nominee is asked to submit a 250-word essay that includes:
  • What are your goals for practicing reflexology?
  • What will your continued involvement in the association be?
  • How has reflexology provided opportunities for personal and professional growth?
The successful candidates will be announced at our AGM.

Criteria to be considered are:
  • Enthusiasm
  • Determination
  • Commitment
  • Financial need
  • Volunteer service: to RAC, the chapter, community
  • Show a desire or plan to pursue an ongoing career in reflexology (not just past volunteer service)
  • Demonstrate a willingness to be active in contributing volunteer services to RAC
  • Demonstration of sustained commitment to Reflexology and RAC
  • Accomplishments to date in the field of reflexology both personal and professional
Please submit all nominations to the RAC Head Office by fax, e-mail or regular mail.
Sincerely,<br> Linda Hughan<br> RAC Education & Professional Certification & Training (PCT)
The following are in adobe acrobat .pdf format. Click to download:

<a href="downloads/In loving memory.pdf">In Loving Memory of My Dear Wife Ollie Bailey</a>

<a href="downloads/Poem - in memory.pdf">Poem - In Memory of My Loving Wife "Ollie"</a>

<a href="downloads/English application form.pdf">English Application Form</a>

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