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Membership Renewal Form 2009

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Membership Fees (annual)

  • RCRT members $100 plus tax

  • Regular members $120 plus tax

  • RCRT membership $25 plus tax (covers three years)
Note: Any regular member wishing to join the RCRT programme
Note: should contact RAC Head Office

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    Section 2 - Referral List Information
    Note: The following information is that which you want the public to have. The ability to be registered is only offered to RAC certified reflexologists in good standing.

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    Section 3 - Demographic Information
    Note: The following information will only be used by the office for gathering data for medical/dental and other group insurance discount programs.
    Age Group 18-25 26-30 31-44
    45-54 55-64 65+
    Gender Female Male
    Marital Status Single Married
    Children Under 25
    Formal Education High School
    Some Post Secondary
    College Diploma
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    Practice Frequency < 20hrs 21-30hrs
    30hrs+ per week
    Treatment Charge < $30 $30-$50
    $51+ per visit
    Practice Location
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    Section 5 - Payment Details
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    Section 6 - Contact Information Release
    I understand that the personal information I have given on this form is for the sole purpose of maintaining and enhancing my membership of the Reflexology Association of Canada and its Chapters and for use in the referral directory and that it may not be shared with any third party or used for any other purpose without my express permission in writing.

    I agree to pay a late penalty fee of $50 + tax if I do not renew within two months of my renewal due date.

    I also agree that if I do not renew my membership within 6 months after my membership expiration date, my membership will lapse and a rejoining fee of $75 + tax will be payable in addition to the membership fees.
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