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Educational Programs


RAC teachers are highly qualified; they have to comply with a standardized selection criterion and complete a comprehensive training graphicprogram before they are accepted as teachers. The Association insists on a high degree of professionalism, skill and knowledge by their teachers. Each teacher must be updated on a regular basis and renew their teaching contract annually. There are RAC reflexology teachers in almost every province, in the US, and even in South-East Asia and the Caribbean. The teacher-training course has been completely revised, expanded and updated. To deal with the increased demand for training, our teacher trainers have been busy training additional teachers. If you are interested in becoming a teacher in your area please contact RAC for a teacher criteria package.


Each RAC reflexology training program goes through a detailed development plan before it is implemented. This ensures high standards and an unparalleled degree of professionalism. Each training course is based on the latest research findings and information from national and international sources.


Foot Reflexology Certification Course

This 110 hour comprehensive training course leads to certification. It includes 35 hours of classroom instruction, 15 hours of home study, and 60 hours of independent practical training. The 35 hours of classroom instruction includes: basic anatomy and physiology, health conditions, the study of the reflex points, foot assessment, health form documentation and hands-on application. graphicThe 15 hours of home study complement your classroom learning with various exercises that prepare you for the final examinations. Each student must perform a minimum of 60 hours of independent practical training; documentation in the form of health records will be covered in class. These 60 hours of independent practical training can be practised on a combination of 60 different people so the student may experience various health and foot conditions in their clients. A written and practical examination must be passed before certification is awarded. A student has one year from the end of the course to complete the certification examinations.

Course fees include a Foot Reflexology student manual and home study workbook.

Ear Reflexology Certification Course

In cooperation with Beryl Crane of the Crane School of Reflexology (UK) RAC offers this innovative training program.

Within the ear there exists rich nerve innervations and multiple connections with the central nervous system. Every part of the body has an auricular correspondence (similar to the theory of Foot Reflexology). graphicWhen the body loses its homeostasis, its corresponding point on the ear becomes painful or an irregularity is apparent. These signs of imbalance are not evident in a healthy person.

The ear is viewed as an inverted fetus with the head lying near the lower lobe and the hands and feet towards the upper rim with the body in between. There are hundreds of acupoints on the ear; due to the safety and simplicity of this therapy in 1982 the World Health Organization standardized 90 of these points. At the International Council of Reflexologist biannual conference in 1999, Ear Reflexology was at the forefront in information as it is gaining in popularity around the world.

Ear Reflexology is a wonderful adjunct and natural progression for the Foot Reflexology practitioner. An ear session is very soothing and can be used on its own or at the beginning or end of a Foot Reflexology session. An ear session is 15 - 30 minutes and both ears are worked on at the same time using gentle palpation. Using Ear and Foot Reflexology together can be a profound and powerful combination for your clients.

Our innovative Ear Reflexology Certification Course consists of 12 hours of classroom instruction and 30 case histories. A written and practical examination must be passed before the student is awarded certification. The student has 6 months to complete the certification examinations. The classroom instruction includes the history of Ear Reflexology and Auricular Therapy, auricular anatomy, auricular points - location and conditions, auricular inspection, and practical application and documentation. Course Pre-requisite: This course is open to anyone who has completed 35 hours of theory from the RAC foot course or an equivalent from another RAC approved school. Documentation is required.

Course fees include the Ear Reflexology student manual, Chinese ear model and large ear chart.

Advanced Modules

This program offers 12 Advanced Modules of Reflexology and Pathology. This program offers in-depth training in pathology - the medical classification system of disease and organ malfunction.

The 12 modules include:

  1. Gastro-Intestinal system

  2. Cardiovascular system

  3. Muscular-skeletal system

  4. Endocrine system

  5. Reproductive system

  6. Nervous system

  7. Immune system

  8. Wikler Foot Assessment

  9. Respiratory system

  10. Special senses

  11. Urinary system

  12. The Hand
Each Module consists of a Module booklet, videotapes - which are optional, and an open book exam.

Each Module includes the following:

  • an explanation of the anatomy and physiology of the organ system covered

  • an explanation of the medical terminology involved in that system

  • an explanation of the pathology associated with that system, in alphabetical order

  • a conclusion addressing how Reflexology affects that organ system.

Each Module booklet includes a complete set of notes, an alphabetical reference for the pathologies involved, typical medical treatment of the pathologies, illustrations and a reference index.

Note: This course is NOT diagnostic, but educational. It is designed to bridge the informational gap between western medical pathology and Reflexology, enabling the Reflexologist to better communicate with physicians and other health care professionals and to enhance their understanding of the nature of the medical condition from which their clients may suffer.

Currently RAC is offering all video and course materials for 'Advanced Modules' at a discount. Please contact RAC head office for a price list.