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Classes of Membership

The Association has several classes of memberships:

Certified Members

These are members who have taken RAC courses, have successfully passed their exams and maintain their membership by paying the annual membership fees. Certified members are eligible to attend all membership meetings and seminars, and each has one vote on all matters brought before a General Meeting, or which all certified members decide through mail-in Ballot. Certified members are eligible for election or appointment to the Board of Directors, after they have been certified for two years. The current membership fee is $107 (GST included) per year, subject to change.

Student members

These are reflexologists 'in training', so to speak: persons who have taken a RAC certification course, have paid the current membership fee but have not yet passed all exams. Student members may attend meetings and seminars, but are not allowed to vote. Initial membership fees are $80.25 (GST included) per year, subject to change.

Associate members

These are persons who have either a special interest in reflexology, or they may be persons who have taken their reflexology training from another school of reflexology, yet may wish to belong to RAC. These members have not completed the RAC certification examinations. Associate members may attend RAC meetings and seminars, but are not allowed to vote. In addition, they are not eligible for election or appointment to the Board of Directors. Membership fees are $107 (GST included), subject to change.

General information for all members

All members are entitled to attend all general meetings of the Association, attend all Association functions, workshops, seminars or conventions, at the fee set by the Board of Directors, and they may serve on the various committees performing Association business.

If you have let your membership lapse for more than 2 years you can reactivate your membership by contacting the RAC head office.

Membership fees are renewable on their anniversary date (i.e., March 22, 2022 renews March 22, 2022).

The Reflexology Association of Canada offers a wide range of services to its membership.

Membership Benefits

National Association with a history of providing excellence in education since 1976

Federally Chartered - the Bylaws are approved by Industry Canada.

Standardized National Foot, Ear & Advance Reflexology Curriculum and Examinations

Fellowship and support nationwide

National newsletter ~ keeps you up to date with what is going on in Canada and Internationally

Annual General Meeting

Voting by mail

Spring & Fall seminars

Belong to a professional organization

Referral list

Professional Insurance Plan - office contents, liability and malcontactice

Member of International Associations

Hosted the first and fifth International Council of Reflexologists Conference

R.A.C. and its certification courses are recognized internationally

Foot Reflexology Certification Program ~ updated

Advance Training Certificate Program

Ear Reflexology Certification Training ~ released in the Fall of 1999

Teacher Training Program

Educational and Instructional videos ~ Basic & Advanced

Charts, Brochures and other Reflexology products available to help promote your business

Registered with Private Post Secondary Education Commission ~ in BC

International teachers and members in several countries

Certified members are eligible to serve as a Director on the National Board of Directors ~ these are elected and unpaid positions.