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Committed to developing highly trained reflexologists
since 1976

Please NOTE

During this time of re-organization you may find yourself with some questions. Please feel free to contact any of the board members for help. Our website will also be updated on a regular bases for any changes that are being made.

Please know that we are committed to keeping RAC a strong Association and will endeavor to be transparent with the changes that are occuring.

We thank everyone for their continued support.

Carol Faguy 514-481-6363 (Quebec) [email protected]

Chiquita Hessels 250-754-4774 (British Columbia) [email protected]

Rob Campbell 519-649-1911 (Ontario) [email protected]

Donald Cater 450-455-8476 (Quebec) [email protected]

Maureen Desjardins (Manitoba) 204-253-2213 [email protected]

Maria Krohmer 403-241-0655 (Alberta) [email protected]

Philip Lander 250-334-0963 (British Columbia) [email protected]

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