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Here are some terrific Reflexology resources!

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British Columbia Chapter

Please visit the sites below for more information on reflexology.

  • Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario
    The RRCO mandate is to:
    Register reflexology practitioners, teachers, educational organizations
    and methodologies that meet established minimum standards.
    Maintain the highest ethical standard of the profession and to the public.
    Establish Reflexology as a self-governing profession.
    Act as the unified voice for Reflexology in the province of Ontario.
  • Reflexology World
    This is the site for the only professionally produced reflexology magazine.
  • International Council of Reflexologists
    This is the only international site that `joins` all reflexologists together. Visit their website to find out more about

    September 18 - 24, 2005

  • CAMera
    Complementary and Alternative Medicine Education and Research Network of Alberta promoting Community Health Sciences headquartered in the University of Calgary
  • Vancouver Research Network for Spirituality and Healing
    This network is exploring opportunities to develop a research network in the area of spirituality and healing and intends to bring interdisciplinary scientists and health practitioners together to apply and develop state-of-the-art research methodologies to investigate spirituality and highly promising healing modalities.

    If you or your colleagues are interested in participating in this initiative or sharing information, please contact Dr. Lyren Chiu at [email protected]