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Advanced Modules

This program offers 12 Advanced Modules of Reflexology and Pathology. This program offers in-depth training in pathology - the medical classification system of disease and organ malfunction.

The 12 modules include:

  1. Gastro-Intestinal system
  2. Cardiovascular system
  3. Muscular-skeletal system
  4. Endocrine system
  5. Reproductive system
  6. Nervous system
  7. Immune system
  8. Wikler Foot Assessment
  9. Respiratory system
  10. Special senses
  11. Urinary system
  12. The Hand
Each Module consists of a Module booklet and an open book exam.

Each Module includes the following:
  • an explanation of the anatomy and physiology of the organ system covered
  • an explanation of the medical terminology involved in that system
  • an explanation of the pathology associated with that system, in alphabetical order
  • a conclusion addressing how Reflexology affects that organ system.
Each Module booklet includes a complete set of notes, an alphabetical reference for the pathologies involved, typical medical treatment of the pathologies, illustrations and a reference index.

Module booklets ($10 each) and module exams ($15 each) can be ordered from head office.

Note: This course is NOT diagnostic, but educational. It is designed to bridge the informational gap between western medical pathology and Reflexology, enabling the Reflexologist to better communicate with physicians and other health care professionals and to enhance their understanding of the nature of the medical condition from which their clients may suffer.