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Hand Reflexology Certification Courses

RAC offers this dynamic training program in conjunction with Beryl Crane of the Crane School of Reflexology (UK).

The practice and art of hand reflexology goes back ninety years. However, the acu-points of hand acupressure have been used for thousands of years and are a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. These vital acu-points, together with the zone and reflex work of Dr. William H. Fitzgerald (the modern day authority on hand reflexology) and the RAC Methodology become a powerful therapy.

The importance of hands is reflected in the large area of nerve pathways that occupy the brain. The aim of hand reflexology is to stimulate reflexes and acu-points precisely by applying pressure and palpation to specific points. Many of these areas respond by increasing localized circulation and nerve impulses, rapidly spreading electrical activity from one reflex to another and to the central nervous System (CNS). The CNS responds by sending out a response impulse to organs, glands and muscles providing a natural and healing way of restoring balance to the whole body.

Hand Reflexology is an important adjunct to foot and ear reflexology. A hand session is performed on both hands and is approximately 45-60 minutes. A hand session is not only calming but it is a powerful tool that may be used on its own or in combination with an ear or foot reflexology session.

Our comprehensive Hand Reflexology Certification Course consists of 14 hours of classroom instruction and 30 documented case histories. A written and a practical examination must be passed before the student is awarded certification. The student has 6 months to complete the certification examinations. The classroom instruction includes the history and theory of hand reflexology, location and conditions, hand/nail observations and analysis, application and documentation.

Course Pre-requisite: This course is open to anyone who has completed 35 hours of theory from the RAC foot course or an equivalent from another RAC approved school. Documentation is required. Current membership in the Reflexology Association of Canada is necessary in order to complete the course.

Course and exam fees are $410 (plus GST or HST.)

Course fees include the Hand Reflexology Student Manual, large RAC Hand Chart and the Beryl Crane Acu-point Hand Chart.