CBG Is Much Better Than CBD for Killing Cancer

Are you aware of Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG)? If not, you must be belonging to the Stone Age. Well, CBD and CBG differ from each other greatly. However, when both of them start to work together they generate a strong powerhouse of cannabinoids. The cannabinoids are known to act on the receptor cells present in the bodies and cause various reactions. We are well aware that among the different cannabinoids present. Cannabis oil cancer is more effective in treatment. However, another pointer that got missed out is CBG is much better in dealing with cancer.

Why CBG Is Better?

Cancer patients who are used to CBD for cancer treatment might be wondering the reason for the hype for CBG. Well, studies have shown that CBG is better for many reasons. Let’s check it out.

Remarkable Protection

Cannabis not only keeps cancer in check but also helps the body to recover very fast. Reviving the nerve tissue solely through medicines is very rare and requires the cooperation of Cannabigerol, also known as CBG and endocannabinoids. The teamwork generates a complex interlinked system of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory. The neuroprotective property prevents injuries and encourages healing by controlling tissue growth and apoptosis.

To prevent cancer cell growth steps like preventing the mutation from growing to diminishing the growth by starving the mutated cells could be taken. CBG present in cannabis oil cancer successfully carries out all these steps.

Targeted Death

Cannabinoids like cannabigerol not only bring about apoptosis, but also helps to cure colon, skin, and breast cancer through selective apoptosis. Well, CBG’s peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPAR) are far more effective than CBD.

PPAR not only intervenes in the tumor development process but also acts as the commander of the immune system. It instructs the immune system to think carefully before dispersing the cytokine army for the battle. This, in turn, prevents the body from getting attacked and keeping the immune system ready for the situation.

Synchronization between Joy and Pain

Controlled dosage of cannabinoids within cannabis oil cancer imparts a shock to the system, which is brought due to injury or illness. Our body needs some sensation for the healing process. CBG helps to maintain balance. Well, CBG frets the CB2 receptors and shakes up 2-AG which encourages therapeutic response. This impedes the cancer development and slows down growth.

Phyto Locks and Endogenous Keys

CBG acts as the mirror image of anandamide. Hence, it helps with the destruction of the tissues that the body wants to get rid of and even ensures recovery. The anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation helps with cellular repair.


When CBG brings down the signal caused due to injuries to a moderate level, the body can start to use its defense strategies. It includes suffocating unhealthy cells. CBG prevents the trauma from causing further damage. It won’t damage cells any further which it can’t repair. Thus, the antioxidative function will kill cancer and regulate cell growth.

Studies have shown that CBD and CBG help to kill cancer cells. However, the dosage for cannabis oil cancer should be carefully monitored. CBG effectively regulates inflammatory mechanisms and deals with cancer.