Reasons For Refusal of Canadian Permanent Residence Application

There is no doubt that the immigration procedure in Canada is far easier compared to other countries. That does not mean that the immigration authority of Canada accepts all the applications without screening them. If the applicants do not fulfill the requirements, the Canadian government can refuse their applications.

While most people think that the permanent residentship application gets rejected due to the CIC Medical Exam, the reality is different. Even though the health exam plays a crucial role in the acceptance of the permanent residentship application, there are other factors that the applicant must fulfill to make sure that their applications get accepted.

If you are not sure about the factors, check the following section of this article carefully.

Proof of Funds

The applicants must maintain the minimum amount of money as mentioned in the IRCC website. Many applications get rejected as the applicant fails to provide a bank letter with all the necessary details. Sometimes the applicant fails to add the bank statements with the application. To make sure that your application does not get rejected on these grounds, follow the instructions given in the IRCC website to the tee.

Translation and The Original

According to the regulations, the applicant has to provide the translated version of the essential documents as well as the original ones while applying for permanent residentship in Canada. Some times, the applicants fail to attach the translated documents, while in other cases, they do not upload the original documents with the scanned copies.


This is one of the most common reasons for the refusals of the permanent residentship application. If the applicants do not calculate the number of days correctly while filling this section, their applications can get rejected. Sometimes the applicants fail to explain the distant educational details in a different country, and that’s why the PCC requirements get triggered. Scanning PCC from a copy is yet another common reason for which the applications get rejected.

Work Experience

If the NOC code does not match with the reference letter of the employees and the attached documents do not provide all the necessary information about the mentioned work periods, the Canadian government can reject your application summarily.

Document proof of Medical Exam

If the applicant fails to present the reports of their CIC Medical Exam while submitting the form, their applications can get rejected. Mostly, people do not get the medical exam done by the panel enlisted doctors of Canada, which triggers the refusal process.

Confusing LOE

Confusing client information offered in LOE that contradicts other documents is one of the main reasons for application refusals. Before sending the application, you should make sure that the provided information is not contradictory to avoid such issues.


Sometimes the candidates only upload the bio pages and forget to upload all the other necessary pages of the passport.

All in all, you should not be in a rush while filling the application for permanent residentship in Canada. Remember, the CIC Medical Exam is not the only thing that can disrupt your plan. Check everything carefully to find out and mitigate all the faults and errors before submitting the application.