Why Immigration Medical is an important factor for staying in Canada?

One of the most important factors that can trigger a change in your immigration application to Canada is your poor health. Did you know that permit to stay in Canada requires you to be fit? Although there may not be issues with your application and other relevant paperwork, your health is your main concern. Therefore, putting your life at risk when travelling to Canada, is not a good idea at all. All you have to do is file for the Immigration Medical exam separately and assess your health condition prior to travelling!

What medical conditions can keep you away from travelling to Canada?

An individual can be barred from permanent residency in Canada if the following conditions are found:

  • The person is suffering from a highly contagious disease.
  • Your present health condition can be of great risk to others.
  • Your health condition and pose a threat to public health.

If anyone of the above conditions persists, there are the least chances available for you to fly to Canada. Hence, clearing the Immigration medical exam is equally important, as filing for other Immigration applications.

What is the IME or Immigration Medical Exam?

This is the sole exam available that individuals travelling to Canada are subjected to. This exam is held under government policies and is strictly administered by the Immigration authorities. This exam is conducted online after your Immigration application has been successfully filled and attested by the Immigration officer. The Immigration Medical exam consists of physical as well as mental observation of the individual. Laboratory tests and other diagnoses ascertain whether or not the individual is healthy enough to fly to Canada.

For this, medical officers and trained doctors are assigned to start the examination. They determine to check all your past and present medical documents and history. If you are suffering from any serious disease, necessary precautions and treatments are arranged. In this case, further processing of Immigration files of the candidate can be halted too. The results take a minimum of two days to come out. Thus, it is always advised to take the test beforehand.

Why taking the Immigration Medical Exam is a good idea?

The Immigration Medical Exam is extremely crucial. This is because of the high cost of living in the country and increased medical expenses, amounting to 6450 dollars per year. Therefore, even if you plan on receiving good treatment in the country, it shall turn out to be a financial burden. Therefore, in order to eliminate the risk of spending excess money on health care, this exam will help you take action beforehand.

Also, your health will stress out the already existing Canadian health system too. The increased amount of social services will not be able to tackle the burden. Although there are chances of treatment, opting for good health when flying to the country is definitely a good idea. This exam not only adds flexibility to your Immigration application and keeps you safe too.