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RAC's 30th Anniversary AGM - Fruitful in Unity!

RAC�s 30th Annual Conference & General Meeting Kelowna, BC September 22 � 24, 2006

RAC Celebrates its 30th Anniversary
with its Fruitful in Unity Conference
September 22 to 24, 2006

Meet one of the world�s foremost Reflexology teachers and famed author...
Hanne Marquardt

RAC's 30th Annual General Meeting and Conference

September 22 to 24, 2006 in lovely Kelowna.

RAC Members:
$195.00 plus $13.65 GST Total $208.65 BEFORE June 1st 2006.
$225.00 plus $15.75 GST Total $240.75 AFTER June 1st 2006.

Non-members: $225.00 plus $15.75 GST Total $240.75 BEFORE June 1st 2006.
$250.00 plus $17.50 GST Total $267.50 AFTER June 1st 2006.

A Study Day with Hanne Marquardt

During World Reflexology Week (Sept 24 to 30, 2006)

  • Monday September 25th 2006 in Kelowna.
  • Saturday September 30th in Toronto area.
  • Saturday October 7th 2006 in Montreal area.

    RAC Members ONLY registering BEFORE June 1st 2006 - $225.00 plus $15.75 GST Total $240.75.
    ALL registrants AFTER June 1st 2006 - $250.00 plus $17.50 GST
    Total $267.50.

    Accomodations at the fabulous Lake Okanagan Resort

    Happy Anniversary RAC!

    In 2006 RAC will be celebrating 30 years of serving the interests of reflexologists! The theme of the 2006 conference is �Fruitful in Unity�. We will be celebrating the fruits of working together to successfully build RAC into the national association that represents reflexologists. We invite you will unite with us in this celebration.

    Our keynote speaker for the conference is Hanne Marquardt, renowned reflexologist and author. Here is a bit of background about Hanne, considered by many as the grandmother of Reflexology in Germany.

  • Born 1933 in Munich, three children, seven grandchildren, since 1960 living in the Black Forest.
  • 1951-1954 training and exam as State Reg. Nurse (SRN) England.
  • 1955-1957 training in therapeutic massage and breathing therapy.
  • 1958 first information about treatment on the feet by Eunice Ingham's book "Stories the Feet can Tell".
  • In the following nine years(1958-1967) increasingly more experience in Reflexotherapy of the Feet in hospitals and in her own practice.
  • 1967, after having met Eunice Ingham personally in the USA, made the decision to start teaching.
  • Since 1970 setting up 15 schools for Reflexotherapy of the Feet in Germany and abroad, one in 1993 as a "social project" in Armenia.
  • Since 1990 International Teachers Association of her schools with annual meetings and continuous further development of the method.
  • Publication of several text books on the subject, translated in nine languages.

    �I have been given the pleasure of communicating with Hanne.� says RAC�s Fil Lander. �I can tell from our dialogue that RAC participants at the Conference and the Study Days that follow, are in for a rare treat. She is passionate about Reflexology (or Reflexotherapy as she calls it) and a curiosity about life as well as a genuine desire to meet RAC members and visit our country.�

    The AGM and conference committee is making progress in bringing you the best conference possible. Carol Faguy, Chiquita Hessels, Fil Lander, Valerie Taylor (RAC accountant) Linda Hughan (Education) and local members Diane Wiebe, Marie Sperling and Carol Hagen are participating on the committee. The BC Chapter is hosting the event.

    There are many factors to consider and we want to make this AGM as inviting and memorable as possible. We have considered affordability, convenience, the setting and the meeting rooms in selecting the location. This conference will be fragrance/scent free to enhance the pleasure of our surroundings and to allow everyone to participate.

    Have you ever dreamt of getting away to a lakeside paradise, with all meals prepared by a chef? Lake Okanagan Resort accommodates us in a pleasant retreat from city life.

    Lake Okanagan Resort has stunning views from the meeting rooms, dining room and most of the accommodation. They have offered us an incredible deal:

  • a kitchen suite with a separate bedroom and a pull-out sofa-bed in the living area (all queen size),
  • all meals included, made to their chef�s excellent standards,
  • $99 per person shared or $149 single per night.

    Their units have all been recently renovated and the accommodation at the resort includes golf course, beach, heated outdoor swimming pools, hot tubs, Jacuzzi, tennis courts and hiking trails, unlimited and FREE. Golf club and tennis racquet rental $5 or bring your own.

    Contact the fabulous Lake Okanagan Resort

    Make plans to be there!

    Conference speakers and workshops will SOON be announced!

    If anyone has ideas that they would like to express to the committee, please contact me and I will happy to share them with the committee. Keep an eye RIGHT HERE on the RAC website for details as they evolve.

    Together we can make this event memorable and we are "Fruitful in Unity".

    Diane Wiebe
    [email protected]
    ph.:250 767-3144
    RAC AGM Committee Chair
    RAC BC Chapter Co-Chair

    For more information call 1-877-722-3338
    See you in Kelowna!

    Our 30th Anniversary - Kelowna in 2006 - in a Scent-Free environment

    Our venues for our 30th AGM and Conference are intended to be scent-free to respect our members who are allergic or sensitized to scented products.

    Here is some information on how YOU can contribute to and maintains a scent free environment.

    Today more than one person in four suffers from some sort of respiratory disease. Many of these people have allergic triggers to their disease. Medical evidence clearly shows that scented products are harmful to the health of sensitive individuals.

    Our association is dedicated to providing a healthy environment for our members and staff. Together we can achieve this goal by requesting that all members attending our conference, AGM and post conference classes are fragrance- and scent-free.

    This policy reflects the direction that society is moving and communicates the value the association places on our members comfort and health.

    The first step to take is not to wear perfume, cologne, or aftershave when going out in public. Your consideration of those around you will be greatly appreciated.

    Perfumes, colognes, lotions, soaps, shampoos, hair care products, shaving cream and after shave lotions, deodorants, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, cleaning products, air fresheners and many more products are scented with a combination of chemicals. More than 3,000 chemicals are used in the manufacture of fragrances and of these 80 to 90% are synthetic chemicals and may have toxic effects on the body. A single fragrance may contain 10 chemicals, or as many as several hundred. Many of these ingredients are carcinogenic and some may cause kidney and liver damage. These fragrances are formulated to be strong and long lasting and to linger in the air for hours after the wearer of the perfume has left the room. The numbers of those with sensitivities are growing.

    These fragrances hang in the air of a room or area like a misty fog. The molecules floating in the air settle onto furniture, carpets, also your clothing, hair, and your skin. It is also absorbed into your system through the eyes and also the lungs with respiration. When these chemicals are breathed in, they also travel through the olfactory nerves to the centre of the brain where many of the chemical components act as neuro-toxins and can have a disturbing and inflammatory action on the nervous system causing circulatory and electrical activity changes in the brain. They can either have an over-stimulating or sedative effect on the system depending on the chemicals used. The functions of the Autonomic Nervous System may be deranged as well.

    Many people are becoming sensitive to these chemical fragrances. Chemical sensitivity is not like an allergy and is very difficult to treat. Avoidance of exposure is often the only answer. These symptoms experienced by many are:

    • Fatigue / weakness
    • mood disturbances
    • depression /anxiety /irritability
    • dizziness or faintness
    • disorientation
    • Nausea / vomiting
    • short term memory problems/forgetfulness
    • Rashes
    • inability to concentrate
    • Watery eyes / blurred vision
    • anxiety
    • Muscle weakness / twitching
    • incoherence
    • Muscle & joint pain
    • in-coordination
    • Headaches / migraine
    • restlessness
    • Swollen lymph glands
    • brain fog
    • Sinus pain
    • irregular or rapid heart beat
    • Increase in blood pressure
    • asthma is aggravated or asthma attacks are initiated

    As you can see, the effects are wide-sweeping and can be very debilitating to the person with sensitivities. The symptoms experienced will depend on the components of the fragrances. Some individuals will experience only 2 or 3, where others who are more sensitive will experience many. To those who do not find themselves sensitive, there is an accumulative effect of the chemical in their body and like cigarettes; one does not know what the long term effects of these chemicals will be.

    Feedback from people attending scent-free functions is inspiring. Even those who do not consider themselves to be sensitive enjoyed their experience much more and were able to focus and stay clear headed during the event. They even went on to say they felt better the next day! Therefore for the good of everyone�s health we want to have this AGM scent free and we thank you for contributing to a healthy environment for all of us.

    More information on this subject can be found on these websites, - just a few of many.
    (an excellent brochure to give to your clients and other interested persons on the toxins in fragrances � a safe download)
    (An excellent informative website on toxins in scents and safe alternatives.)
    (lists scent free products)

    There are many scent-free and chemically safe products available and we will be happy to provide lists for your convenience, or you can use those listed in the above websites. Some grocery stores carry them as well as many health food stores.

    RAC's 30th Anniversary AGM - Fruitful in Unity!

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