2008 Conference & AGM


The 2008 RAC Conference & AGM will be held at the Midtown Holiday Inn Montreal.

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from November 7 - 10 2008

Special rates will be available for conference delegates and accompanying persons.

Additional accommodation is also available at the Marriott Springhill Suites in Old Montreal.
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If you and 9 other friends, colleagues or associates register for the conference at the same time, you will all be eligible for a 10% discount on the Conference fee. For early bird bookings, that means only $269.10 plus tax of 5% for the package.

The Conference is open to RAC members and non members so add some non members to your group and they, too, will receive a 10% discount on the non member fee.

The only condition is that all 10 must be registered at the same time.


We are negotiating special travel deals for conference participants and West Jet and VIA Rail have already confirmed to us that they will offer fares at 10% below their best advertised fares at the time of booking. Watch here for further details and the Conference ID number you will need to use to take advantage of this offer.


Booking early can be advantageous so why not check out fares and flights today?

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The conference fares are available from November 4th - 13th 2008

When you have decided on a flight and wish to make a booking please email or fax your request to Westjet using one of the forms below

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VIA Rail Canada�s major ground transportation company - are offering special rates for the �RAC� conference in Montreal, Quebec. The following are the details surrounding your special fare

VALID: October 25th to November 25th, 2008

TERRITORY: Various cities throughout the VIA system to Montreal, Quebec and return.

RESTRICTIONS: No stopovers allowed in VIA1 first class or Sleeper class, except one stop on trains 001 and 002.

Fare applies to a maximum of two passengers only.

DISCOUNT: 10% off best available fare in Comfort Class / VIA1 or Sleeper Class

IDENTIFICATION: Participants will reference the events VIA confirmation number 11418

Online Booking Tips

Once you have logged in to your profile, or created one if you didn�t have one, start your reservation.

On the Passenger information screen, select "Convention rate" from the Discount Type drop-down box, and enter the discount code for your convention or event in the Discount code box. The conference rate will be shown on the next page.


We are planning a full programme for spouses, partners, fanmily and friends who might wish to accompany you to the conference. The full programme will be announced later but please let us know if you believe there is something in and around Montreal that is a must see for those coming with you.


We already have world renowned speakers committed to speak at the conference


Auricular Therapy is a marvelous adjunct to a reflexology treatment. Its rich intervention and its many connections to the central nervous system make it a must in practice.
Micro-systems have been used for many years. It has now been confirmed that every part of the anatomy can function as an energetic system for diagnoses and treatment.
Just like foot and hand reflexology which are two of the oldest micros-systems, auricular therapy is growing in popularity die to its effectiveness. The ear is a self contained micro-system that affects the whole body. By utilizing many of the pressure points and knowing the sensory and motor nerve points together with the cranial nerves you can contact a network of energy channels running through the entire body. The workshop will include the Principles of application and the Contra-indications of Auricular Therapy.


Understanding the nature of the meridians is only a partial explanation. In oriental medicine there are many phenomena that are attributed to what might be termed a resonance between one body part and another. This concept can be traced back to the hypothesis of correspondence between macrocosm and microcosm.
While in China, Beryl became aware of the use of Oriental, Eastern and Western philosophy as the basis for both assessing and treating the individual. From this, she evolved the principles of �First Aid at your Fingertips incorporating pressure points with a reflexology treatment.
When the affected area is pressed during treatment the tendons relax and the blood circulation to the area improves enhancing tissue healing. �First Aid at your Fingertips� is said to cause a release , within the central nervous system, of endorphins which act as natural analgesics or as a counter-irritant to the original pain.
Her books and charts have evolved on these principles, similar to acupressure/acupuncture; that is activating the points through slightly deeper touch or palpation. The healing powers of reflexology are enhanced when these acu points are included in a treatment session.ca benefit most prolems
The objective of this presentation is to show how working many of the points on the hands, feet, ears or face during a treatment


During the presentation of Facial Reflexology the 7 steps of the basic treatment will be demonstrated by power point and in LIFE. A brief speech about the 11 facial Reflexology additional techniques will also be given.


A new technique in reflexology where treatment of the feet enhances the circulation in the head and the cranial organs. The cerebro spinal fluid will be treated, stimulated and transported to all parts of the body. The 12 cranial nerves will be treated individually following a certain technique via the autonomic nervous system. Extremely useful t help chronic headaches and migraine, stress and whiplash injuries. The technique can be added at the end of a conventional treatment. A few minutes is all that is needed to get a result.


Feet, as the basis of our foundation, provide fundamental security and stability, as well as fascinating and beneficial insight into the workings of our sub-conscious mind. Foot laden messages generously display any form of inner disturbance that could be potentially harmful to our personal well-being, and they do this long before illness and dis-ease take a relentless grip on our body. Our feet also lovingly reveal innate talents and deep inner wisdom, especially at times when we need help in climbing from the depths of despair to rediscover personal freedom and lightness of being. The wealth of information mirrored on our feet enriches our mind, nurtures our body and liberates our soul. As an extension to Reflexology, �what the feet say about you and your health� is an exciting and rewarding way to help ourselves, and also guide others into helping themselves, to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling way of life.


Padabhyang, the ancient Indian foot and leg technique with rare and unique Ayurveda Aromatherapy blends (going through some of these oils and their therapeutic values) and the technique of using the Kasa bowl. The principles, history and philosophy of this ancient science of Ayurveda will also be explained together with the Marmas (pranic or life-force centre). Nadis (subtle channels) and charkas. Participants will go away understanding a new modality that would complement their original work. They can incorporate this with their existing treatments. It will be a wonderful adjunct to the science of Reflexology they have known and practiced without taking away the essence of Reflexology.


Bowtech, the original Bowen technique, is a very non invasive state of the art technique and has profound effects on various chronic disorders including degenerated spine, arthritis, rheumatism, stress, chronic fatigue, acidity, fractures, sprains, sports injuries, musculo-skeletal disorders, asthma, nervous disorders, mental and emotional equilibrium, women�s problems including fertility and many other ailments. In Bowen, specific moves are made on ligaments, tendons or muscles which most likely activate the Golgi receptors and send signals to the brain, the neurological pathways, the fascia and also activate the meridians and the electro magnetic field of the person. Unlike other treatments, the body does its own rectification and the will of the practitioner is not imposed on the client. It has been suggested that the Bowen Technique may introduce specific harmonic frequencies to the body systems on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.


Natural remedies and therapies once thought to be only for humans are now becoming increasingly popular with our animal companions.
Studies have shown that most people who use holistic therapies for their own wellbeing wish the same for their pets.
More of us than ever before are interested in finding natural ways to keep our animals healthy. As we discover the limitations of conventional care we search ways to care for the whole pet.
Massage, acupuncture, homeopathy and herbs are now being used by our animal friends because they are safe, cost effective and very beneficial.
Reflexology is potentially part of this growing trend.

Click here to see a clip from TV on Jackie's work


    Executive Director and Registrar, Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC)

    Colleen MacDougall, CAE was Chair of the National Board of the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) in 2007. The CSAE is the only national, professional body representing the massive not for profit sector in this country. Represented by 350 CEO�s across Canada and involving 14 million Canadians, the CSAE manages Canada�s most progressive associations as well as suppliers of essential products and services. Ms MacDougall was also previously involved with the CSAE�S Edmonton Chapter, where she served as President in 2000 and 2001. She helped raise the profile of the Chapter and Alberta to the National level.

    She was formerly Executive Director of the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association from 1985 � 1999 and has also served on several provincial environmental boards. She was bestowed an Honoured Life Member of the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association in 2000. Ms MacDougall is a graduate of the University of Alberta, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and is a Certified Association Executive. She is published in several technical and scientific journals.

    Since 2001, Ms MacDougall has been the Executive Director and Registrar of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (formerly the Association of Massage Therapists and Wholistic Practitioners), a national, not-for-profit association, headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She is responsible for developing and implementing business partnerships, fund development and effective advocacy relationships with stakeholders at the federal, provincial and municipal levels.

    Under her management the association has grown from 1,200 members to 6000 members; strategic priorities have been initiated in research and advocacy on behalf of complementary and alternative medicine; a Code of Ethics has been developed, a multi-category model for massage therapy and Continuing Competency Program have also been developed.

    Under Colleen�s direction the association continues to grow and gain recognition nationally; internationally, new alliances are being formed to assist and compliment the CAM genre globally.

  • Linda Baril

    Working With Pregnant Women
  • Alain Simard

    Using Indigenous Oils of Quebec as Healing Tools

Il est vrai de dire que chaque individu s�acclimate et s�identifie � la r�gion dans laquelle il habite. Comme nous vivons au Qu�bec, et que notre organisme s�est habitu� au fil des ann�es au climat et aux stresses de la vie quotidienne d�ici, il serait aussi vrai de dire que certains maux ou probl�mes nous appartiennent en propre.

C�est pourquoi le fait d�utiliser des huiles essentielles fabriqu� � m�me notre v�g�tation qu�becoise aura une meilleure r�action sur notre organisme que tout autre produit ext�rieur.

Alain discutera des propri�t�s des huiles essentielles du Qu�bec ainsi que leur utilisation en r�flexologie et en massage.

  • Karen McNeill

    Marketing Reflexology
  • Mary Thorne

    �So You�re a Reflexologist � Now What?: Closing the Gap between Education and Business Success"

    Just certified and not sure what to do next? Been certified for a couple of years but your practice hasn�t gotten off the ground? Or your practice is established, but you need to grow it? Often, Reflexologists learn how to do Reflexology, but they don�t know how to start or grow a successful practice.

    Mary Thorne, a partner in the complementary therapy educational company, Six Feet Productions and co-author of the new educational CD, �So You�re a Reflexologist � Now What?� will help you close the gap between education and success.

    During her PowerPoint presentation, she will walk you through a number of key areas to help you become more successful in your business. Drawing upon her practical, experience-based knowledge and education, she will challenge you to think about where to set up your practice; how to set your fees; what critical operational considerations and standards of professional practice you must adopt; and how a certain type of marketing is fundamental to your business.

    Mary invites you to join her for a presentation that could change your practice�and your life.

  • Allain St Cyr, Marie McLelland-Leger, Carole Faguy

    So you want to offer an Introduction to Reflexology Workshop?

    This workshop is based on the personal experiences of Allain St-Cyr, Marie McLelland-Leger and Carol Faguy, all of whom are RAC teachers. They will share with participants different ideas of what one could cover during a three hour or a day long introduction to Reflexology. Participants will be asked to share their experiences and input ideas, which will help in creating a future Intro-Reflexology Guide for all certified reflexologists.


    Alors, vous voulez offrir un atelier-intro sur la r�flexologie?

    Quoi offrir pendant une formation allant de trois heures � une journ�e? Les ma�tres-formateurs, Allain St-Cyr, Marie McLelland-L�ger et Carol Faguy se feront un plaisir de partager leurs v�cus par rapport � ce th�me. Vos exp�riences dans ce domaine seront aussi not�es et aideront � d�velopper un futur guide d'introduction � la r�flexologie.

    • Master Do Duc Ngoc

      Vietnamese Qi Gong

    • Thierry Pautrot

      The Feet as Special Portals to the Postural System

      Thierry Pautrot has a BSc and a degree in Chiropody (Podiatry) from the Universit� d'Assas in Paris and the Coll�ge International d'�tude de la Statique in Marseille. He has been practising since 1991, and has done further studies in osteopathy, acupuncture and auriculotherapy. Foot reflexology is what initially led him to study Chiropody.

      Posturology involves a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of chronic pain, using all of the above-mentioned modalities.

      Thierry arrived in Montreal in 1993. He is in-demand as teacher, lecturer and radio show guest, as well as running a private practice in the treatment of chronic pain.

    Le pied, une porte d'entr�e particuli�re du syst�me postural

    Thierry Pautrot a obtenu son D.E de Podologue de l'Universit� d'Assas � Paris en 1991. Il est aussi certifi� du C.I.E.S (Marseille) la m�me ann�e en posturologie et d�veloppe une pratique priv�e � Poitiers (France). C'est d'ailleurs la r�flexologie du pieds qui lui fit s'int�resser � la podologie... La posturologie �tant un carrefour multidisciplinaire pour le traitement des douleurs chroniques, il s'int�resse � plusieurs disciplines: l'ost�opathie, l'acupuncture, l'auriculoth�rapie et d�veloppe la posturologie tout en contribuant � l'enseignement du C.I.E.S en Europe avec le Dr Bricot ( M�decin Orthop�diste). Cela l'am�ne en permanence au Qu�bec � partir de 1993. Outre sa pratique priv�e � Montreal, il anime de nombreux cours, conf�rences et �missions radiophoniques. Ses liens avec de nombreux professionnels lui permettent de d�velopper un travail multidisciplinaire dans le traitement des douleurs chroniques...

    • Martin Charest

      Analytical Reflexology

      Martin states he is working at this time to create an add-on to modern reflexology which he will name Analytical Reflexology (A.R.). Modern day reflexology touches 2 fundamental bases: neurological and circulatory. His method will add a third dimension: musculoskeletal. Working on a deformed foot can hinder the effects of a standard reflexology session, on a physical as well as an energetic level. A.R. looks at the cause of the deformity, and puts into action a plan, in the form of simple exercises, which would complement the reflexology session.

      Martin will use photographs to highlight the presentation.

      R�flexologie Analytique

      Je travaille pr�sentement � cr�er une nouvelle source additionnelle � la R�flexolgie Moderne que je veux appeler R�flexologie Analytique. Jusqu'� pr�sent, la R�flexologie moderne touche 2 bases fondamentales; la base neurologique et la base h�matologique (circulation sanguine). La R�flexologie Analytique vient � point avec la 3i�me base, i.e. Musculo-squelettique.

      Travailler sur un pied l�g�rement d�form� peut ralentir les effets de la r�flexologie au m�me titre que les blocages d'�nergie. La r�flexologie Analytique �tudie l'origine de ces d�formations, en trouve la cause et met en action un plan, sous forme d'exercices simple, � faire et continnuer � la maison, en cynergie avec le travail du th�rapeute. Elle se basera avec quelleques photographies, pour commencer, pour en assurer un suivi simple mais professionel.

    • There will be special sessions for the student and the newly qualified.

    Watch this space for details


Early Bird bookings (before September 15th 2008

  • RAC Members $299 plus tax
  • Non members $350 plus tax

    After September 15th 2008

  • RAC Members $335 plus tax
  • Non members $395 plus tax

    Conference fee includes

  • All sessions
  • Opening reception
  • Opening dinner
  • Continental breakfast
  • Lunch on conference days
  • Souvenir copy of Canadian Journal of Reflexology Conference Issue
  • Conference documentation


    Le Festin du Gouverneur offers you the Qu�bec experience at its most engaging and rewarding. Irresistibly bi-cultural and bilingual, this richly authentic, interactive dinner & attraction has been a renowned international success since 1973.

    A uniquely festive evening of entertainment, dining and revelry admist the storied walls of the Fort on Ste-Helene's Island (minutes from downtown Montreal). The entertainment is bilingual and suitable for all ages.

    Join in the fun, festivities and Joie de Vivre while musicians, singers, and comedians entertain you. Our period costumed staff await your arrival at the Fort on St-Helen's Island.

    Rediscover Montr�al's proud heritage within the historic walls of Fort Ste-H�l�ne, overlooking the majestic Saint-Lawrence River and Montr�al's skyline. Celebrate with us our 30 years on the Qu�bec entertainment scene with an all new production, and enjoy good food in fine company.

    For further information about Le Festin du Gouverneur Click here

    The evening is scheduled for Friday November 7th 2008 and will cost $55 plus tax to include transportation from the hotel to the venue and return


    Recognising that it is sometimes difficult to cover the costs of attending the conference in one payment, we are initiating our LAYAWAY PLAN. You are invited to determine how much you can afford each month and arrange for that to be paid to RAC either by a series of post dated cheques or through a credit card. RAC will hold that money in your name and your balance will then be applied to your conference fee with any additional sums available being returned to you for hotel and transportation costs.

    To start right now, Click here to download the Layaway form

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