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All certified and current members are qualified to receive their RCRT (Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist) designation immediately upon applying for the Continuing Education Program

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to download an RCRT Continuing Education Applicatipon form

Individuals who were certified with RAC but are no longer members of the Association and are current members of another reflexology association are also qualified to receive the RCRT designation and should use the link above to access the application form in order to join the CEU Program. Such individuals should include proof of their current reflexology association membership with their application

All enquiries regarding the Continuing Education and Professional Development Program should be referred to:

304-414 Graham Avenue
Manitoba R3C 0L8

Telephone : 204-477-4909
email to [email protected]

Introduction to the Professional and Continuing Education Credit (CEU) Program


In 2002 and 2003, RAC interviewed and spoke to members and several organizations across Canada regarding the subject of 'Registration'. This was mandated by the membership at an AGM in Niagara Falls 2002. In these discussions, RAC was able to ascertain a common ground on what standards of practice were to be adopted across Canada. RAC incorporated these into a document which was ratified by the membership and the Board and is now used currently under the title 'RAC Standards and Scope of Practice'.

Other information gathered for this document was from the American Certification Board and the Association of Reflexologists in the UK (AOR). Meetings were held with the AOR in 2003-4 to establish a directrive and procedure for our CEU program and for our Professional Membership Program.

At Winnipeg AGM 2003, the membership ratified a Continuing Education CEU and Professional Development Proposal for both full time and part time practicing Professional Members. The Board then mandated the Education Department to develop and implement the program for 2004. Announcements were made in our Newsletter through 2003 and 2004.

Policy and Guidelines

If all criteria are met, the RAC Professional Reflexologist will be granted the designation RCRT - Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist. RAC Professionals holding the Diploma must commit to the following to maintain their designation:

  • 1. A yearly membership in good standing with RAC

  • 2. Current continuing education credits

  • 3. Compliance with the Bylaws, Codes of Conduct, Ethics and Standards of Practice as set forth by the Association

  • 4. Current liability insurance

Click here for complete CEU Policy and Guidelines

CEU Program Categories and Activities List

There are three categories of credit earning activity designed to ensure that members can achieve the three year target of 30 credits (= 60 hours). These are:

  • Category 1 - RAC accredited or approved Association activities representing a minimum of 50% of all mandatory credits. All CEU credits may be obtained from this category.
    2 hours = 1 credit
    60 hours = 30 credits
    Fixed credits apply for certain activities within this section.

  • Category 2 - All non-RAC professional activities directly related to and within the scope of the reflexology profession. These categories are accredited by RAC and represent up to a maximum of 25% of the mandatory CEU credits. All activities within Category 2 have a fixed rate of 2 CEU credits regardless of hours involved.
    3 hours = 1.5 credits
    30 hours = 15 credits
  • Category 3 - Additional Credits awarded for a variety of professional activities that supports members and members' practice in a broader sense and may not be within the scope or practice of reflexology. These may not necessarily have to be approved or accredited by RAC and can represent up to a maximum of 25% of the mandatory CEU credits. All activities within Category 3 have a fixed rate of 1 credit regardless of hours involved.

Click here for full details of "Categories and Activities

RAC Accreditation Policy and Guidelines

Accreditation is for:
  • All organizations who wish to have their Professional Reflexology Certification Foundation courses recognised for the RAC Professional Membership Category.
  • Organizations and individual educators who wish to have their Continuing Education Programs i.e. workshops and seminars accredited through the RAC CEU Professional Development Program
  • Organizations that wish to offer the RAC Reflexology Foundation Programs in addition to their own programs

RAC recommends that all Professional Reflexology Therapists belong to a reputable professional association dedicated to demonstrating a commitment to the profession and quality of services provided. Membership with RAC confirms the Therapist's credibility to the public by assuring them that those members meet a high level of competency through a professional level of training and certification, is fully insured and is working within the framework of a professional Code of Conduct and Ethics

Click here for full details of "RAC Accreditation Policy and Guidelines

RAC Lapsed Member Re-Certification Program

Any member who lets their membership lapse for more than 3 years will be required to complete another entry level program. All Members must have been a previous member of RAC and show proof of such otherwise an application for Professinal Membership may be obtained from the RAC Head Office. Diplomas will be valid for one year and updated when membership is renewed.

>Click here for full details of RAC Lapsed Member Re-certification Program

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