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    ALL enquiries regarding teaching, training, education or related issues should now be referred to:

    304-414 Graham Avenue
    Manitoba R3C 0L8

    Telephone : 204-477-4909
    email: [email protected]

    This part of our web site is exclusively for students and prospective students. Here you will find all the information, documentation and forms that you will need as you go through the student process.

    As a RAC student, you are very important to us, representing as you do the future of Canada's only national Reflexology association.

    We want your student experience and your membership of RAC to be the best possible and we are here to help you in any way possible. Please, always feel able to call us or e-mail us with any questions or comments that you might have.

    General Information

    Click here to download the Foot Course Outline

    Click here to download the Benefit of RAC Membership

    Click here to download the RAC Introduction Letter

    Click here
    to download the Reflexology: A Profound Healing Art and Science

    Teacher and Course Information

    RAC offers Reflexology courses year round. We have certified teachers located across the country who are also Reflexologists themselves! If you are interested in taking a course, please refer to the link below and find a teacher near you!

    Click here to go to the Educational Courses page



    There are over 200 people already booked to attend the 2008 Conference and AGM to be held at the Midtown Holiday Inn, Montreal Click here to view hotel details from November 6 – 10, 2008

    Special rates are available for conference delegates and accompanying persons.

    As a RAC student you are entitled to take advantage of the Conference only rate for students of $150 plus tax.

    The conference offers an outstanding opportunity for you to hear some great presenters, meet Reflexologists from around the world and have to chance to contribute to the future direction of RAC by attending and voting at the AGM.

    Call now to book your place so that you can say "I was there".

    We have negotiated with WestJet - on behalf of our members - and they have offered a special conference rate that will give 10% off the lowest published fare. Full details will be announced shortly.

    Click here to go to 2008 Conference page

    Ollie Bailey Award

    The Ollie Bailey award was established in honour of Ollie to recognize the outstanding contribution she made to RAC and is specifically for RAC Students. Two outstanding students will be awarded $500 each which can be used for a RAC Professional Development course. One candidate will be selected from eastern Canada and one from western Canada. For this award east is Ontario and eastwards and west includes Manitoba, westwards, the Northwest Territories and outside of Canada.

    Ollie Bailey served RAC with all her heart. She truly had a passion for Reflexology, she served as a director of RAC as well as for the International council of Reflexology. She organized the ICR Vancouver convention in 1996 and started the BC Chapter. Her enthusiasm for educating herself and others was so apparent and she gave of herself in every way. The students who receive these awards will be those whose start in Reflexology suggests great things of them in the years ahead; two people who will give of themselves in the pursuit of excellence in the profession and a total commitment to the Association.

    In the past, it has been the teachers who have nominated the students and it has worked well. Now is the time of change for RAC and the process for these awards is no different. Now it will be the students themselves who submit their names for consideration and we hope that a large number of those who are currently students or have gone through the student process since the last Conference in 2006 will seek to win.

    The awards will be made every two years at the RAC Conference and the first will be in Montreal in November. One condition is that the winners must be present at the Conference to receive the awards surely not too much to ask when we are seeking commitment to RAC. They must also be fully paid up members of RAC.

    The things that the selection panel will be looking for and considering are:

    • Enthusiasm
    • Determination
    • Commitment
    • Volunteer service to RAC, their local Chapter and community
    • A demonstrated desire to pursue an ongoing career in Reflexology
    • A demonstrated willingness to be active in contributing ongoing volunteer services to RAC
    • A sustained commitment to RAC and Reflexology
    • Accomplishments to date in the field of Reflexology both personal and professional
    • Commitment to the RAC Continuing Education Programme

    Members who are currently students or have been in the student programme since October 2006 are eligible to apply and should do so on the form which can be downloaded below. The application form should be returned to RAC Head Office no later than October 6th 2008 and should be accompanied by a cover letter which includes reference to the following:

  • What are your goals for practicing Reflexology?
  • What will be your continued involvement with the Association?
  • How has- or how will � Reflexology provided opportunities for personal and professional growth.

  • Shortlisted candidates can expect to be called for a telephone interview and the winners will be notified in good time to attend the conference (though it is to be hoped you are already registered!)

    Click here to download the Ollie Bailey Award Application

    Documents and Forms

    Click here to download the Course Registration form

    Click here to download the Payment Details

    Policy and Procedures

    The student refund policies and extension policies may be found on the RAC website at the link below. It is strongly recommended that the student downloads these policies onto their computer for their files. Click here to go to the Educational Courses page

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