If you are planning to try and start a chapter in your area, the Chapter Manual will provide all the information you need to do that. Officers of existing Chapters will also find the Chapter Manual to be an excellent resource

Click here to download a copy of the Chapter Manual


With effect from January 1st 2008, RAC membership fees include membership of the member's local Chapter. Members' names will be forwarded to the closest Chapter and mebers will be contacted directly to officially sign up for the Chapter at which time payment will be made to the Chapter, by RAC, to cover the fee.

Members living in areas without a local Chapter are encouraged to try to form new ones. Only five members are needed and RAC will provide all the help you may need. If getting together for meetings is difficult because of location or distance then do not forget that you can use one of the many internet services such as Skype to enable you to connect with your colleagues on a regular basis. Helping to form a new Chapter also gives credits towards the Continuing Education Program.

Chapters Rights & Responsibilities

The Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC) bylaws define the relationship between the Association and Chapters. The bylaws instruct Chapters or local Associations on their obligations and duties.

Chapters are defined as five or more RAC members who gather to promote reflexology. They may do this by offering workshops or seminars, participating in local health fairs, doing charity work, providing opportunities for networking and by supporting the endeavours, requirements and regulations of RAC. Chapters can be provincial or a district or city within the province.

Chapters all have copies of the bylaws, have an opportunity to post events in the newsletter and a write up of their chapter as well as contact information on the website. Paperwork support and information is available to chapters through RAC. RAC sends newly certified members an invitation to join chapters. RAC members can belong to any chapter. Chapters were started because in a country as large as Canada it is difficult for distant members to participate at the national level, even though the RAC AGMs are alternated in east and west locations. Chapters provide an opportunity for members to participate at the community level and promote reflexology within their jurisdiction. Some of this is done through health trade shows and these shows afford the opportunity of fund raising, as each chapter is self sufficient in funding.

Chapters provide camaraderie amongst reflexologists and support the business development of fledgling reflexologists. Each chapter is unique and meetings vary. They may include exchange sessions or host guest speakers who inform the membership of other modalities or techniques that will enhance their practice or be question and answer sessions. Chapters provide opportunities for leadership and involvement as a director or in other capacities. Chapters can be a resource to groups looking for public speakers.

The mission of the Reflexology Association of Canada Chapters is to advance the understanding and knowledge of Reflexology both for its members and for society as a whole. Chapters will accomplish this by focusing on education, publicity and activism in local health events and forums. Chapters provide a supportive environment for mentorship and camaraderie amongst practitioners.

Irene Melnyk started the first chapter in Winnipeg by encouraging reflexologists to meet in each others homes, discuss cases and do each others feet. The BC Chapter was started by Ollie Bailey, another woman with a passion for reflexology. The first meeting was June 1992 in the basement of her home. The membership grew to the point they started moving the meetings around the province, and that tradition has continued.

Chapters continue to expand and flourish. Many chapters are getting started as members see the value in working alongside fellow reflexologists to promote the art of reflexology to its potential. Chapters can be “Fruitful in Unity”, so we invite you to please join with us.

British Columbia Chapter

See our website at


:: Calgary Chapter

The Calgary Chapter is undergoing a restructuring. For information please contact Susan Lippert at 403.252.9574 or [email protected]

Saskatchewan Chapter

The Saskatchewan chapter currently has 28 members. The Board of Directors is comprised of:
Chairperson, Shirley LaChapelle-Stubbe
  [email protected]
Treasurer, VACANT
Vice-President, Estelle Hay
  [email protected]
Secretary, Grace Howlett
[email protected]
Membership Secretary & Newsletter Editor, Leanne Ecklund
  [email protected]

The Chapter Objectives:

Our main objective is to spread the knowledge and understanding of reflexology to society as well as to the medical field, so it would be recognized and accepted as a beneficial component to the general health and well-being of all (at least on the level that massage therapy is recognized).

To provide an environment of support and friendship to new as well as practising practitioners.

To offer opportunities for continued learning.

Many invitations to present Reflexology to Health Fairs, private clubs and groups.

Truly a Chapter on the move!

Manitoba Chapter

The Manitoba Chapter in Winnipeg, Manitoba meets every third month at Winnipeg Reflexology 771 St Mary's Rd. Meetings are usually 2 hours long. The meetings often have a speaker, a video or are used to exchange treatments. We also enjoy sharing success stories within the group. The Chapter's Co-ordinating Committee meets when required. The Chapter also produces a news letter called "Foot Notes"

The chapter puts on a spring and fall seminar. Previous seminars have been on aromatherapy and reflexology. The chapter also produces a newsletter called "Foot Notes"
Contact: Sherri Gunn 204.477.4909 or
Email: [email protected]


:: Collingwood Chapter

The Collingwood Chapter is just starting up. For information please contact Devon at [email protected]

:: Niagara Chapter

The Niagara Chapter has a membership of approximately 150 people and is growing every year. A dedicated core group regularly attends the quarterly meetings. Meetings are generally held the third Thursday of every third month. All certified reflexologists (regardless of what school certified through) are welcome to the meetings. Our next scheduled meetings are, June 14th at 6:45pm, September 20th at 6:45pm, and December 6th at 6:15pm. This is our annual Christmas potluck meeting which is great fun and a MUST to attend.

Place: Fairhaven Seniors Residence, 3568 Montrose Rd in Niagara Falls

The chapter charges $2.00 for attendance at the meetings. The money collected is used to purchase space at health shows and to provide coffee, tea and milk at the meetings as well as any other chapter expenses.

A very successful event for the chapter is always the 'Fair and Fete' at the Shaw Festival grounds, where $660.00 was collected in August 2007 for the various charities represented at the festival. This event is held on the holiday Monday in August every year and is a wonderful networking opportunity as well.

The chapter keeps its members up-to-date with all the news from the RAC head office including all the new and exciting changes occuring within RAC at this time and is devoted to helping in any way it can. The chapter is still working on getting all its members online via email, in order to have easier communication with members and to keep them abreast of all news needing to be shared. If you are a RAC member from the Niagara District or surrounding areas and would like to receive RAC information, please forward your email address to Debbie Boehlen (email below) with 'Niagara Chapter member email address' in the subject line. Please include your full name so that the correct information can be added to the emailing list.
Contact: Debbie Boehlen, Niagara Chapter President
Phone: 905.714.0298 or
Email: [email protected]

:: Ottawa Valley Chapter

This is RAC's newest Chapter and great efforts are being made to get new members. Curently the Chapter officers are Gail Durant Secretary, Evonne Neuteren,Treasurer and Ettalie Inglish Chair. The Chapterhas a total of 11 members (not all in attendance every meeting) and Marco Arruda [email protected] is the computer/contact person.

    :: Peterborough/Kawarthas

    The Peterborough Chapter is undergoing a restructuring. For information please contact Claudia Smith at 705.741-0065 or [email protected]

    :: Toronto Chapter

    WELCOME to the RAC Toronto Chapter. We launched our organization on January 23rd, 2005 with nearly 30 members. Since then our membership has grown and flourished into a very active Chapter. The Toronto Chapter membership consists of individuals who travel from as far as London, Brampton, Mississauga, Burlington and Aurora to attend meetings. We encourage you to attend all our Chapter meetings.

    What does the Toronto Chapter do? As stated in our Mission Statement we Educate and Bring Awareness to the community by promoting and educating the public on the many benefits of reflexology. In 2005 we formalized the Community Education Committee. These members individually give information sessions to various organizations, schools, business corporations and at City Hall through out the year. We also formalized the Exhibit Presentation Committee who created a professional presentation for the Chapter. This committee engages the membership by participating in industry tradeshows and or Chapter initiated events. The Fundraising committee creates various opportunities to bring members together and raise funds for the Chapter.

    "Being part of a regional chapter brings a wealth of knowledge to so many aspects of the practice of reflexology: licensing: government recognition, or lack of it: networking: keeping in touch with other modalities or those in alternative medicine: and the opportunity to bond with colleagues in the profession"
        :: France Trudeau, Secretary of the Toronto Chapter.

    A couple times a year we have guest speakers at our meetings so we continue to educate ourselves, which helps to enhance our skills and confidence. We also do exchange sessions, where members who wish to participate can give and receive a reflexology session. Belonging to a Chapter is an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. Chapters are there for you to feel connected. Many members feel belonging to a Chapter is a mentorship, as members can ask open questions to all members and receive answers based on experience. As reflexologists we want to provide a high quality, professional service and we can also help you achieve these goals. Chapters support the business of reflexology.

    2007 Meeting Schedule
    Sundays 1pm: February 11th, May 6th, September 16th, December 2nd
    Katherine Downey: Co-chair
    Mary-Kay Perris: Co-chair
    France Trudeau: Secretary
    Chiaki Uchiyama: Treasurer
    Mary-Kay Perris: Teacher Representative

    If you are interested in joining the Toronto Chapter please contact:
    Katherine Downey
    Phone: 416.466.8219
    Email: [email protected]
    Mary-Kay Perris Phone: 416.429.3457
    Email: [email protected]


    :: Montreal Chapter

    The Montreal Chapter meets every two months (except July and August)
    on the third Saturday/Sunday of the month alternately.

    Meetings are from 1:30pm to 4:30pm and are held at:

    St. Raymond Community Centre
    5600 Upper Lachine Road, N.D.G.
    Quebec H4A 2A7

    There are currently over 30 members in the chapter with new members joining all the time. Our meetings are very well attended and feature a guest speaker on current complementary health care related topics.
    Contact: Jane Thompson - Chair RAC Montreal Chapter
    Phone: 514-637-5016
    E-mail [email protected]
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