This page lists RAC's Premier Members and provides links to each individual's personal web page.

All Premier members are RCRT qualified and are dedicated to promoting their own business and the profession of Reflexology and, in becoming Premier members, have added a further dimension of marketing to their practice. Premier members are not necessarily more qualified than other RCRT members but have taken this important step towards increasing their business and,whenever selecting a therapist, clients should always feel free to check credentials and qualifications.

Karen McNeill - BC Click here to go to Karen's website

Danielle Gault - Ontario Click here to go to Danielle's website

Patricia Heinbecker - Site under construction

Marie-Odille Borlak - Site under construction

Antoinette Han-Miou - Site under construction

Barbara Greenan - Site under construction

Zsuzsa Zsemba - Site under construction

Jenny Trussler - Site under construction

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